Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Modesty Is... Simple

Regardless of your religious background I think it's safe to say you have heard the "M" word before...I am talking about MODESTY of course!

Over the years Modesty has received a bad rep because it has been perceived and presented as oppression or something religion forces women to do. 



In today's society the more skin a woman shows the more empowered she is. Nakedness is your confidence, control, and right as a woman. It is sad to live in a time where people believe this is true and expect women to live by it. Our society desires nakedness, desires to feel sexy, and desires to be wanted.

Now, modesty is defined as a behavior, manner, or appearance intended to avoid impropriety or indecency. Basically the opposite of what society tells us.


I have a pair of shoes that I have been convicted of wearing...now I know that sounds extreme, a pair of shoes, really!? BUT HEAR ME OUT: what I am concerned about is the attitude that comes over me when I wear them. They are my "sexy" shoes. They are not immodest by any means...I mean come on, they are shoes! It is simply the motive I have when I wear them. They change the way I feel, the way I see myself, and the way I act around others. You may have this feeling with a certain song...it just makes you feel good but for the wrong reasons. Being modest is not a list of what to and not to do but simply an examination of the motive behind the behavior, manner, or appearance.

If our motive is to please the Lord then everything we do should work towards that goal. The music we listen to should be with the intent of pleasing God. The clothes we wear should be with the desire to be a light for His Name.

Being modest is simply about having the right motive and those can be found in Gods Word and through personal prayer. So when we are getting ready in the morning think about the intention you have when putting on a certain item...is it to draw attention to your chest...is it to look "hot" or "sexy"? When watching a certain movie what is our motive...to seek enjoyment of watching people do things we don't believe in? To watch someone kill, lie, and have sex with no consequences? What is our motive when we listen to a song about getting drunk and partying the night away?

Every choice we make has a reason, intention, and motive. Motive is actually defined as a reason for doing something, especially something that is hidden or not obvious. People may not see your motives but God always does. May the things we do, from the way we dress, the way we talk, and the way we act, be done with a true desire to please Him.

 The following video is very old & I am a little embarrassed but hey, I was young and zealous in my convictions. I wanted to share it because it is truly how I feel in regards to the way modesty is perceived...I am a little harsh though so please excuse my naivety!

In His Love,



  1. Modesty does embrace confidence :) Great post.

  2. I know as a Daughter of God you are really setting an example to this generation and may the Lord continue to used you for His glory. keep up the good work. Great post I love it.

    This summer I have started my endeavor.

    God Bless!
    Valarie W.

  3. I absolutely love your posts and can relate to ALL of them!! I'm currently looking for blog contributors and would love to work with you. Please email me: helloawesomeshop@gmail.com