Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What "Defines" Modesty?

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Being a Modest Fashion Guru on YouTube has been an exciting journey. I receive loads of love and encouragement through my viewers and I am so grateful for every single one of them! When I first started YouTube it was to help those who already dressed modestly & to simply share outfit ideas for "skirt girls". Little did I know, God was using my channel as a tool to bring people closer to Him!

1 month ago
"You're such a wonderful role model to girl's everywhere! I'm Baptist and I started my "endeavor" to be modest and only wear skirts a month ago and it's going great!"


"...I love your approach about these touchy topics. So many just have an attack approach...God is truly using you on here, I believe! :)"
 Now to say I ONLY receive those kind of comments would be a lie. There are plenty of hateful and discouraging things said as well from those who believe modesty is part of a religious checklist. These are real questions and comments I have seen over the past 2 years I have been making videos:
 "Can I show my legs?"
"Can I show my underarms?"
"That skirt is too tight!"
"If you show your knees, you are not really modest."
"That's sad that you think you have to dress that way to be accepted by God."
So that brings us to the point of this blog...what exactly defines modesty?
 I have heard it said that some people are "Spirit seeds" and some are "Word seeds". For some it takes a feeling, a movement, a spiritual experience to believe in God and His Word. For others it takes understanding, studying, and dissecting His Word to believe. For me, the conviction to dress modestly came from a spiritual experience which I talked a little about in my previous blog.
So to answer "what defines modesty" you must first understand how God reveals things to you. Does God strike your heart with emotion which then works its way to your head or must you first understand in your head before God works it into your heart?  Once we see how God reveals things to us then it is easier to grow in Him. For a "Spirit seed" you will find growth in prayer and as you grow in prayer God will begin to balance you and grow you in His Word. For a "Word seed" you will find growth in studying the Bible and as you grow in His Word He will begin to soften your heart to receive His Spirit.
My husband is a "Word seed" and when we first got together it was really easy for him to talk to me about the Word and all the things God has called us to do. For me, a "Spirit seed", it was sometimes overwhelming and a little frustrating because I felt like I was being preached at. So for me, personal convictions come from things I have felt God tell me or show me to do. For others, personal convictions may come from scriptures that they have studied, dissected, and truly believe for themselves. One is not better than the other and we must learn to grow in both the Spirit and the Word.
"What defines Modesty?", your personal convictions. Whether they be from His Word or from His Spirit. What He has personally convicted you of is between you and Him and may not make sense to others. I am personally convicted of wearing jeans, however, I will wear jeggings around the house in front of my husband only. I am personally convicted of wearing shirts that show my underarms to church services but I will wear them outside of church. My convictions may not make sense to you and yours may not make sense to me, but they do not need to. They are between you and God and as we grow in Him we will continue to change and He will continue to convict us of more things in order to draw us closer to Him. Do not feel ashamed or embarrassed about the things God has convicted you of, stand strong in what He had called you to be. We as Christians can only stand in the Truth we know for ourselves.
In His Love,

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